Barca TV shuts down after 24 years of broadcasting.

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Barca TV broadcast on Friday 30 June was the last day after 24 years of operation as it was one of Barcelona‘s measures to reduce the club’s costs.

Barcelona decided to shut down its main broadcaster. Barca TV, since May in order to reduce the cost burden on the club and the team’s TV channel. Azulgra will air on Friday 30 June for the last time after a 24-year run. According to a report from ‘Deerio Sports’. 

According to reports, Barcelona want to reduce the cost burden of the club according to a plan proposed to La Liga. That would allow them to sign and register players for next season. The 24-year-old is another club unit that will be shut down UFABET 

Barca TV generates €2m a year for the club but costs as much as €14m a year. That’s the main reason the club decided to shut down the media segment. Which would put 89 of their employees out of work. Barcelona reveals that some may receive help after.

‘We have reached an agreement with Telefonica regarding the Barca TV issue, there will be good news soon,’ said Laporta.

Barcelona TV acquires the rights from Telefonica to stream the games. And although there is a labor law process regarding unemployed workers. According to a further report by Catalunya Radio, lawyers are looking into cases of unlawful dismissal. Because they were technically hired by Telefonica, but Barcelona decided to end the service.