Liverpool frustrates Manchester United! “Supercom

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Liverpool frustrates Manchester United! “Supercom” predicts the conclusion of the Premier League. Who wins who is relegated.

In a blink of an eye, the 2022/23 Premier League season is entering its final phase. That if the game is over this weekend. There must space for the first national team queue of the year. When coming back to play again. It will equal to only “last 2 months” April – May only then.

It’s not strange that there are beginning to look and speculate about the various conclusions that are waiting ahead.

and is considered a tradition in the modern world that are often used “Supercomputers” rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the ending. Many sporting events, be it the World Cup, Eurovision, UEFA Champions League or of course the Premier League.

Now, take a look at ‘s latest AI-powered predictions to see how the Premier League 2022/23 ending will look.

But all of these Processing takes place by picking up various factual factors. Let’s shake together and clear it out until we get a number. It doesn’t include the essential parts of football like the story. “beyond expectations” or “disaster “

AI predicts Premier League champions

The gap between leaders Arsenal and Manchester City is now five points after 27 matches.

When checking out the program, the last 11 remaining games should be considered equally heavy No one has a clear advantage over each other.

The key game is a direct meeting with Manchester City v Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium at the end of April.

However, with standards that have continued since the beginning of the season until today, it has passed Fulham comfortably 3-0 until it was a winning break in the Premier League 5 games in a row (for the 2nd time after the start Season) makes the AI ​​predict the result that…

Arsenal will win the Premier League title for the first time in 19 years.

As of now, Mikel Arteta ‘s boys have 66 points in hand, which the AI ​​predicts at the end. They will score plus or minus around 87.7 points, meaning around 22 more points from 11 games.

At this time, the Arsenal have 66 points from 21 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses,
and the ending will be 87.7 points, 27.5 wins, 5.2 draws and 5.3 losses.

That is, Arsenal must have a draw or even lose some more matches. but overall It’s still better than Manchester City anyway.

On the side, Pep Guardiola has said in the beginning that Their ultimate goal is to win the UEFA Champions League, which has never been achieved before. The defense of the league title is secondary. And that could be another factor that makes when the season goes down every moment, Man City may put the end to the European Cup. more than a league game (But must pass RB Leipzig round of 16 teams first)

From here, where Manchester City has already lost 4 matches in the league. The AI ​​has predicted the ending: They will lose all plus-minus at 5.9 games. Ultimately. Total points are about 3-4 points away from Arsenal.

AI Predicts Premier League Top Four

Both Arsenal and Manchester City have guaranteed top-four finishes from now on. (In practice) equal to the competition for this area, only 2 quotas left to win.

2 quotas… from teams that qualify for 5-6 chances

3) Manchester United 50 points
4) Tottenham Hotspur 48
5) Newcastle United 44
6) Liverpool 42
7 ) Brighton & Hove Albion 39
and/or 10) Chelsea 37

Looking into the eyes, of course, Manchester United seemed to have the highest chance. From kicking 1 match less than his friend, and the rest of the program doesn’t look too heavy when Eric Ten Hag’s team has cleared the quest for “big teams” almost completely out of the queue . In the past until only visiting Newcastle, Chelsea home and visiting Spurs, which may be a bit troubling

It appears that the AI ​​processed the conclusions that Manchester United did not miss the third sign as targeted.

AI clearly indicates that Manchester United will have about 20 more points in the final arc. Which is enough to finish in the top 4 to return to the UEFA Champions League again next season

But for the 4th place that the supercomputer has concluded It must be considered a surprise.

When it became Newcastle United, who had a big celebration, received a CHPL ticket.

Because even though Eddie Howe lately shows a lightness, not light, winning only 2 of the last 9 league games (5 draws, 2 losses), but what they have always been is “difficult to lose “ So far, just lost 3 games, the least equal to future champions like Arsenal (but Newcastle conceded the fewest number 1 goals at 18 goals only).

The disadvantage of Newcastle is that it is always a bit heavy, with 11 draws, the highest in the league.