Mancho encourages West Ham spearhead to accelerate

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Mancho encourages West Ham spearhead to accelerate form to return to the real team for the future of the national team.

Italy boss Roberto Mancini Came out to encourage the strikers of the national team, especially Gianluca Skamagka, to fully accelerate their form in order to return to the starting line-up again.

The 24-year-old striker suffered an injury and has sidelined for three games. Before returning from mid-February. However he has been on the bench for four consecutive games. That has upset Mancini as his international players have not been given the opportunity they deserved. First played 26 games and scored 7 goals in all competitions.

“I hope those who don’t play at club level will play more. Raspadori is an important member of the national team. But did not play as much in Napoli, Skamagca himself was the same, he recovered from the injury and came back to play. but still haven’t played yet They have to play to improve themselves. It’s absolutely necessary.”

“Skamagca, Raspadori, Gonto, Zaniolo, they are our players who don’t get a lot of chances. And we didn’t have much choice. But they have the potential to improve themselves. But they are all in the same situation right now.”

Italy set to return action later this month. When they face England at home in their opening Euro 2024 qualifier.