Manchester United decide not to appeal Casemiro red card

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Manchester United decide not to appeal Casemiro red card

Manchester United have decided not to appeal Casemiro’s red card for midfielder Casemiro. Who will face a four-game ban.

The Brazil international has received a second red card since joining the club this season. The last time it happened in a game where they always opened at home. Southampton 0-0. Which was decided after Anthony Taylor, the referee on the field, had already seen pictures from VAR. 

Blood Star Samba Will miss four games consisting of Fulham [FA Cup], Newcastle, Brentford and Everton.

By Casemiro himself, before moving to and the Premier League. He play more than 500 games at the top level in European and international football and has never been sent off a single time.

Casemiro move from Real Madrid to last summer. and do outstanding work Until becoming an important force for the “Red Devils” this season. But few people know that in fact, the 30-year-old star player is not name “Casemiro” but is “Casimiro” or called “Carlos Enrique Casimiro

Casemiro, a talented machine room, Manchester United, the giants of the English Premier League battle, reveals the truth. His name was not “Casemiro”, but he decided to use this name all along. Since still playing football with Sao Paulo’s first agency in life.